About Obliix

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

Obliix is a proprietary trading firm focusing on discretionary trading in U.S. equities and options. We facilitate hundreds of professional traders through our smart routing, HFT co – located infrastructure, trade surveillance and other trading tools. We provide sophisticated softwares and advanced technology for the development of traders. Our mission is mutual growth with the goal being long – term success.

Why Choose Us?


Aspiring Traders

Obliix offers training and trading opportunities to promising new traders. With our training opportunities, the sky is the limit. Chosen candidates will not be required to pay a fee or make a capital contribution of any kind.

Experienced Traders

No matter how good it gets, there’s always something better and Obliix is the best. Obliix is an excellent platform for experienced trader to expand their business. On the basis of prior performance, a capital contribution may or may not be required.

Ready for Success? Join Us Today.

Obliix Advantages

Priority to Talent and Creating an Optimum Trading Floor

  • We employ an exclusive screening process when selecting traders.
  • New traders with extraordinary potential and experienced traders with outstanding track records – Only the best make it.
  • Our ideology is long – term growth and benefits and quality ensures this.
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