• Advantages

Priority to Talent and Creating an Optimum Trading Floor

We employ an exclusive screening process when selecting traders.
New traders with extraordinary potential and experienced traders with outstanding track records – Only the best make it.
Our ideology is long – term growth with mutual benefits and quality ensures this. 

Finest Risk Management System 

We’ve built our risk management system in such a manner that our talented traders can work worry – free. The firm’s financial position is ensured due to the secure relationships we’ve built. Efficient management of  Funding and Finances.

Moulding your career

Our training program provides the fundamentals of trading and teaches adaptability required for successful long – term survival. Long – term trading is extremely fruitful and we coach you in the art of long – term profitability, stress management and will power.

Trader Empowerment : Spotlight on Traders

We educate and empower traders and treat their empowerment as our prime goal. We align the interests of our trainees and the firm in such a manner that it leads to sustained beneficial long – term trading relationships.

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