We offer custom deals with trading groups and brokers that are based on the order flow parameters for our global services.

Minimum Volume*

100k per month

Intraday Leverage

20:1 – 100:1

Overnight Leverage

6:1 – 10:1


85% – 100%


$3 - $0.5 per 1,000 shares

Market Data Fee

Pass-through exchange charges

Platform Fee***

Pass-through price at the prevailing rates

Pass Through

ECN Rebates

Deposit & Volume*

A minimum deposit and trading volume applies to a client account either the proprietary group or broker.


Actual comission rate depends on negotiated payout/comission structure. Once negotiated commission rates can be discounted while increasing trading volumes. Once your account is set to a new rate, you will be charged that rate on all shares traded next month. All rates subject to ongoing review and may be increased if you fail to meet the trading volume thresholds.

Platform Fee***

Platform fee depends on the type of the platform, it functionality and trading volume. For high volume clients we can deeply reduce platform fee, up to zero.

No Pattern Day Trading Rules

Leverage is the source of risk and possibility. Our clients enjoy intraday buying power up to 1:100.

Simple Onboarding

Integrated billing and automated compliance management make onboarding of new clients easy and quick.

Security Of Money

We transfer your money to a custodian account that transfer payments only after receiving of trading results.

Transparent Reporting

We provide transparent reporting of all your trading activities empowered by PropReports.

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