• Introduction

Obliix stays updated and provides end – to – end solutions you can customize. We give you everything from a choice of leading direct access front – ends within a high – throughput network optimised for speed

  • What We Offer

Trading preferences aren’t universal and we ensure you don’t have to settle. Traders have choice from front-end to back-end, with integration and support services provided by our Trading Operations teams.  Listed below are some of the core technologies we provide, including proprietary offerings and, in the case of highly competitive and well-developed products, products where we have chosen partnership.

  • Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms for discretionary trading
  • Analytics and charting platforms
  • Automated stock locate platform
  • Web-based reporting & performance analysis; ad hoc trading analysis available
  • Trading floor and call-in tech support

HFT accounted for more than 40 percent of all futures market volume in 2017 on U.S. exchanges


Private Extranet

Our HFT infrastructure and private extranet is accessible to all our trading partners which provides bidirectional communication links between our offices worldwide and the market with next to no latency.

Deep market liquidity

We grant our trading partners access to the best restricted - membership along with our market share and smart order routing capabilities - the recipe for exceptional liquidity capture.

Best Execution Price

Best execution price equals lowest commision which is possible due to our HFT co - located infrastructure and smart routing logic.

Dark Pools connection

In addition to connectivity to every US equity exchange and Floor Broker we provide order routing to more than 40 different dark pools.

  • Smart Routing

Intelligent Routing

Access to smart execution services grants our traders the privilege to compete with algorithms successful and acquire liquidity

Sponsored Access

We grant our trading partners access to the best restricted - membership along with our market share and smart order routing capabilities - the recipe for exceptional liquidity capture.

Price Improvement

Our lightning fast and true intelligent order routing gauges price improvement and saves to our clients around 35-50% of Exchange take fees on an average.

Short Locates

Our clients can obtain locates in a fully - automated manner and access to hard - to borrow stocks as we culminate agreements with multiple locate sources.

Take the first step towards success.

  • Trade Surveillance

SEA rule 15c3 - 5

Proprietary trading groups often faced with the problem of accidental violations of FINRA and SEC trading rules. It may lead to penalties that far exceed the profit of the group. Our fully-automated trade surveillance service ensures compliance with all rules, in particular SEA Rule 15c3-5. Our sophisticated pattern recognition system based on machine learning identifies behaviors that pose the greatest regulatory risk to your firm and prevent disaster strikes.

Avoid Violations

We monitor customer activity to detect and prevent potentially violate or manipulative activity, according to SEA Rule 15c3-5:

– Layering and Spoofing
– Wash trades
– Pre-arranged trading
– Marking the close
– On Open and On Close activity
– Imbalance Manipulation
– Paired Participant Spoofing
– Trade Through

Detect Anomalies

Our system is trained to recognize high-risk activity from actual regulatory cases and investigations in our long time collaboration with FINRA. We find outlier events based on historical trends, environmental context and correlation within firm activity. Discover manipulative or disruptive activity before violations happen, preventing fines and enforcement investigations.

Risk Control / Pre - trade compliance

Our automated, low-latency real-time trading compliance and risk control defend traders from making expensive mistakes:

– Pre-trade risk & position limits
– Price thresholds
– “Fat-Finger” controls
– Duplicate order checks
– ADV (Average Daily Volume) risk

Orders that would violate risk or compliance checks are rejected while those that pass are routed to the appropriate execution venue.

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